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*Proposed projects are currently in the conceptual phase and would be fully designed with community input following a successful election.

New Childhood Center

New Early Childhood Center

  • Creating a greater focus on Pre-K and Early Childhood Education with a dedicated space for our community's youngest learners.

Gobles Elementary

  • Renovated classroom spaces to support modern learning. Mechanical updates including air-conditioning to improve air quality and student comfort. 

Gobles Middle School / High School

MS 3b
MS 3c
  • Replacement of aging classroom wing to create grade separation  for middle school and high school students, right-sized classrooms, and flexibility for the future.

  • Improved office presence to promote safer entry.

  • Renovated performing arts classroom.

  • A multi-use cafeteria to be used for student dining and community events.

MS 3d

Traffic Improvements

Traffic Improvements
  • Dedicated bus and parent/guardian loops to create safer and more efficient drop-off and pick-up.

MS 3a
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